As a sealing liquid, the cork bottle stopper shall have the following characteristics:

1) It has to conform to FDA.

2) It should be fastness.

3) There is a very strong leakproofness.

4) It seems a beautiful one.

The TOP CORK’s synthetic cork bottle stopper could meet the above requirements.

1) Sealing completely and tightly, keeping original flavor of fragrant juice of wine.

2) Never to be broken, size is consistent and unify.

3) Never to be damped and mildewed, innocuity and tastefree.

Specialized in food-grade synthetic cork wine bottle stoppers, Top Cork (Ruian) Co., Ltd provides a best packing solution of bottle in all over the world.

Synthetic cork is used to pack wine, beer, distilled spirit, essence and some pharmaceutical. It is also used to seal and preserve wine, beer, distilled spirit that didn't be drunk up in family.

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